For those familiar with the trusty & venerable SAMSUNG SER 6500 which sadly is no longer made, which is a great pity as we believed it to have been the backbone of many retail & hospitality establishments for well over a dozen years. Now superceeded by the SER 7000. The SX-690 fills the void left by the 6500 admirably & hosts many features only known to other more expensive systems

The SX-690 combines lower cost with higher performance and longer life. A single SX-690 can operate stand-alone as a complete system.

Its integral 2-station thermal printer can produce food orders for the kitchen, drinks orders for the bar, guest check bills for customers and fully itemised receipts after payment.

One SX-690 can drive 2 remote kitchen/bar printers. The flexible, powerful memory can be upgraded to accommodate up to 20,000 product lines or be configured in any combination of product lines and accounts/guests to suit the requirements of the business.

Where information is required from several sales points, SX-690s can link with each other and consolidate the information onto one SX-690 for easy management reporting.

Up to 4 kitchen/bar printers can be connected in the network. SX-690 has built-in IRC as standard and 3 RS-232 ports for peripherals and PC communication

Unlike PC-based EPOS systems, there is no third party software (such as Windows and application software) to buy. The SX-690s in-built programme is supplied - and upgraded - at no cost to you. The data is held in reliable, solid state memory and enables you to choose only the options that suit your business. Upgrades are easily installed via the SD card.

A wide choice of clear, concise Management Reports provides the information users need to control their businesses. A series of pre-selected reports can be programmed to print at the touch of a button. Customised reports can be created so that you can choose what information you want to appear on the report.

The heavy-duty, 2-station, 16-digit alphanumeric thermal printer uses 58 mm paper and operates at 13 lines per second. A company logo or special design can print on each receipt. With no ribbon to replace or fade, receipts of the same exceptional clarity are produced every time.


New multifeature software installed for 2009



Black cased versions available soon



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Features include


  • Brilliant green, double sided, 2 line display.
  • Flat, 173-position, spill-resistant, customisable keyboard.
  • The heavy duty, 2 station, 16 digit alphanumeric thermal printer uses 58mm paper and operates silently at a speedy 13 lines per second.
  • Drop and load receipt and audit rolls for easy paper change.
  • Graphic logo.
  • Electronic journal.
  • Password protected sign on for servers. Server interupt.
  • Floating server.
  • Table transfer.
  • Guest accounts.
  • Memory billing.
  • Compulsory entry of number of covers.
  • Half pints, doubles and modifiers.
  • Happy hour with automatic price change by time and day.
  • Scroll back/Scroll forward with error correct.
  • Drawer alarm with programmable time delay.
  • Easy price and name change.
  • Up to 2,000 Price look ups as (3 plu shifts) as standard.
  • Up to 99 servers by ID number. Compulsory server ID.
  • Shift levels for different sizes of the same item (eg. small, medium, large).
  • Training mode for new staff.
  • Remote Kitchen/Bar/Guest Check plus optional food/bar tickets via integral printer.
  • Dynamic memory allocation.
  • 3 RS-232 ports for linking to back office PC and software.
  • SD Flash card port (Sales and programming, including the elctronic journal, can be stored on an SD card. Also useful for upgrading the software and installing the graphic logo).



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