Affordable Modular POS System for Retail and Hospitality shops With its outstanding and versatile functions, and its compact and smart design, the SPS-1000 can be a great solution in any commercial environment. Not only in hospitality markets, but in retail as well, this fine POS System will definitely catch your eyes. For the manager, the SPS-1000 carries Max. 7 Peripherals and 32 Registers (Inter Register Communication) and Expansibility of Memory, RS-232C, etc. For the employee, it has Training Mode, High-Visibility, and the terminal is easily relocated.


  • High Visibility for Operators 192 X 64 LCD in sliding display gives you convenience in operation.
  • Easy Paper Loading You can meet drop in type printer.
  • Easy Communications RS-232C 4 Ports, IRC (Ethernet) and PS/2 are available.
  • PS/2 Keyboard for PC POS can be connected to SER-7000/7040 for your easy data input.
  • I-Button 5 KBD Level 5 levels by each keyboard is programmed for various operations
  • 20 Price level You can easily classify various items by 20 price levels. This function provides you with perfect management of cash flow.
  • Other features Training Mode, Condiment Item, Inventory Item, Add Check, Table Management, 6 TAX and 16 Charge-Post Tendering


  • SPEED 13.3 LPS WIDTH 57.5mm x 2
  • KEY BOARD TYPE 160 Flat/90 Raised
  • DISPLAY OPERATOR 192X64 (32char.X 8lines)
  • LCD CUSTOMER VFD 10 digit
  • MEMORY RAM 4Mbits (Default), 16Mbits (Option) ROM 8Mbits(Flash)
  • INTERFACE SERIAL 4 Ports (RS-232C) IRC 1 Port (Ethernet) PS/2 1 Port
  • DRAWER TYPE 5B/5C,4B/8C, 7B/8C PORT 2 Ports
  • DIMENSION W/D/H 400mmX462mmX305mm (WITH DRAWER)
  • FACTORY OPTION Memory (4Mbit X 5), Paper Near End Sensor I-Button (5,10,15PCS) Auto-cutter, Water Proof, Dust Cover WEIGHT Kg 15.9




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